To the Moon and Back: Airspace Technologies for the Future

General description


Launch your imagination as high as you have always dreamed of!

Do you remember the times when you asked your parents: "How come it does not fall down?" In some years you learned about gravity, air flows... and you were fascinated by the flying machines! (No surprise - since a long time ago humans felt jealous for the birds to have this magic ability to rise up against the wind and the sun rays!)

Is that your story? Then don't hesitate to come and learn more amazing facts about planes, spaceships, rockets! Just fly your dream over the atmosphere... and back, for it to bring outstanding ideas into your head!

In Kyiv, one of the cradles of the world airspace science, where Sikorskyy, Korolev, Antonov and many other prominent minds turned their cutting-edge ideas into reality, you'll visit an aviation design bureau, a strategic rocket launching platform and an unmanned aircraft proving ground. Moreover, you'll discover our ancient Ukrainian culture and fabulous traditions, our 1500-year-old city, our famous food and drinks, and then party, party, and party again!

Let's fly with us - to the Moon and (maybe) back!!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
1. Alternative directions of the space technology: big and small spaceships - creation, exploitation, use 2. Transport aviation: from cargo flights to spaceship air launching 3. University micro and mini satellites: design, launching, land infrastructure, virtual laboratories 4. Small unmanned aircrafts - air robots. Design, construction, testing in the University laboratories
Learning goals and objectives:
To show the new trends in airspace technologies and to give the participants a precise approach to the subject
Examination type:
Written test
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter, questions, interest in the topic, study background

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University canteen
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