Spin your turbines! Water energy uncovered

General description

There is said that "The 19th century was the steam century, the 20th was the electricity century, and the 21st century will be the renewable energy century or it will not be at all". Among clean and non-pollutant energy sources, kinetic energy of the flowing rivers is of great importance due to the enormous energy potential. Strong public opposition to large scale hydro-electrical power plants caused by large environmental and social costs (from damming of rivers and flooding of large tracts of fertile land to the displacement of people from the affected areas and disrupted fish migration) is making the small scale hydro-electric power plants more appealing, especially for the potential consumers in remote rural areas.

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Content and topics:
Introduction in numerical simulation of the fluid's flow. Design, analysis and constructive optimization of the working elements of the micro hydropower conversion systems, as well as manufacturing optimization and cost reducing. Experimental testing in real conditions of the functional characteristics.
Learning goals and objectives:
Learn about basic concepts and tools used in micro hydropower conversion systems.
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Written examination or Project
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