Nothing else Materials: from Nano to Macro worlds

General description

Have you ever had to clean your window panes? Boring, right?

Wouldn't it be cool if the damned glasses would just clean themselves? "Yeah, man, that would be AWESOME!"

And since Milano is the land of cool, we got it! Almost! ;) We just need your help to make it perfect! Interested?

BEST Milano is proud to offer you its course on advanced materials: in one week you will learn about organic semicondutors, nanofibers, titan oxided sufaces (yeah, the self-cleaning glasses! :P), titan oxide artistic interference (it is Italy after all, even advance chemistry is art!) and polymer-matrix composite materials. Quite a bunch of stuff, right? ;)

"Yeah, this is a lot, with long difficult names, i don't want to spend a week with boring, difficult lessons!" Well, you won't! Because most of the time you'll just be in the cooler-than-cool Politecnico labs, doing things! ...experiments, I mean! ...well, lab things! ;)

And if you had other things in mind, something else you'd like to do while in Milano, don't worry! We got it covered! A superfancy city rally in the fashion quad, a tasty aperitivo in the Navigli, a week of great parties, a weekend in a wonderful mysterious location... and all the loooooove, the beauty and the enthusiasm of BEST Milano to make this the greatest week of your life!

"Open mind for a different view ...And nothing else MATERIALS!" Apply NOW!!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Lectures about Organic semiconductors, nanofibers and elettrospinning. Surfaces: analysis and treatment, titan oxide for advanced applications (self-cleaning glass), titan oxide artistic interference effects. Polymer-matrix composite materials and structural analysis. Metallic materials, nanosized grain technological importance. Half of the time will be spent in laboratory activities.
Learning goals and objectives:
Promote the cultural exchange between student from all around Europe, bringing a parallel education to the university one, closer the job world, and to develop the ability to deal with technical themes in a European context.
Examination type:
Laboratory activity / Written exam
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation Letter

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dormitory / Hostel
University canteen, yummy Italian food and gorgeous Italian Aperitifs: 3 meals, at least one hot meal a day
public transports