Modern design and new materials in construction

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Have you ever been impressed by the design of a certain building? Have you thought why it looks like that, why it has been designed that way, which materials have been used, how it resists on earthquake?... Have you ever wondered how constructions will look like in the future and which materials they will be made of? What internal design to expect to find in the home of your future neighbor when he will invite you at his place for a cup of coffee? How will the coffee taste? ...

You will find the answers to all this questions at the Summer course in Skopje! ...Well OK, almost all (we don't have the answer to the last question about the coffee).

And not only that! You will have the opportunity to see and the pleasure to swim in one of the oldest lakes in the world - The Ohrid Lake, as well as to be a guest to the traditional Macedonian wedding which takes place every year in the small mountain village named Galicnik.

And, of course, do not forget the fabulous night life and lots of parties!

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