"To green or not to grin?" Environmental Protection

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The rapid progress of the technology has already caused a large amount of irreparable damages of the environment. But ecology and technology are interlinked. Our spring course will focus on the technologies which are being developed in order to protect the environment or just to be friendly with it. Through lectures you can learn how the management and the arrangement of solid and liquid waste are achieved. Also you will have the opportunity to take part in presentations about recycling, air pollution, sound pollution, restorable energy sources and the technology of the electric car. Of course we will not leave out the sector of the environmental morality and education that each engineer has to know about.

Imagine all that, on a highly-attractive-package: 10 sunny days in Greece! Return with us to the nature. We will explore dependant forests and gorges, lakes and beaches! We will not forget to give you the chance to taste our world famous wines and foods and of course to visit places of great historical and cultural interest. Hurry up, if you want to be on time ;-)

Grab the chanceā€¦ and join us in Patras!

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