"From ancient until modern times...Olympic Games came back home"

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From ancient times until modern time....Olympic games came back home!

"As in the daytime there is no star in the sky warmer and brighter than the sun, likewise there is no competition greater than the Olympic Games."

Pindar, Greek lyric poet, 5th century bc.

After 2780 years Olympic Games decided to come back to their hometown!!! Do you want to visit the amazing, new-built Olympic Games facilities before everybody else? Do you want to learn about the relation between sports-body and architecture? What about a trip throughout the history of the olympic games from an architectural point of view? What is the effect of all these on the standard of living in the city of Athens?

Furthermore, during your visit, you will be able to visit and admire many architectural and archaeological masterpieces such as the “Parthenon” which was built on the Acropolis (the hill overlooking the City) during the 5th Century BC; the Historic Centre of Athens; the Ancient Marble Stadium; the “Agora” (Ancient Marketplace); and the Ancient Theatre.

Last but not least, if u want to try for yourselves the famous souvlaki, tzatziki and ouzo, check your dancing skills with Zorbas and discover Athens by night and the greek way of having fun, this is YOUR course. Besides these you will also have your chance to explore one of the famous Greek islands!!! So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW !!!

(Note: Course dates changed! The new dates are 15-25 April 2004!)

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