Energy - Wake up... we're tomorrow !

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Energy, everywhere around us but still untouchable. Since it’s existence, mankind has tried to control energy. Until now, this has been a story about major successes, but also about fiascos. At the beginning of this new millenium, we all realise that the coming years will change the face of the world as we have known it since industrialisation started in the 19th century.

Our main goals for the academic part are for you to know more about sustainable energy solutions for the future and to improve your softskills. But don't worry about "boring" lectures, everything will be as much hands-on as possible... Off course we will show you the Belgian way of partying and go to the most beautiful sides of the country too...

No specific background in power engineering is required, just the general knowledge base you have as a technical student is enough. For the transport in the city we will provide bicycles, so you need to be able to ride a bicycle...

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