Recharge your batteries... straight from the Sun!

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The 19th century had an answer to the question “How are we going to fuel all these engines?”. This answer was fossil fuels. Now, in the 21st century, we have learned that this was not maybe the wisest idea. Not only that the fossil fuels won’t last forever, their use is also related to heavy emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matters and other substances that are clearly bad for all of us living here on Earth.

Time has come to replace fossil fuels. “With what?” you might ask. The answer might be as ingenious as it is simple: with the sun! Come to Sweden in August and explore the sun-boosted devices of the future: solar cells, fuel cells and advanced batteries! We’ll deal with the physics and chemistry of these devices as well as with their role in society. But you will also make your own solar cell or advanced battery, take a ride in a fuel-cell run bus in Europe’s most beautiful capital Stockholm, and of course also discharge your own batteries in our heavy Swedish parties! We’ve made a stuffed schedule for you, featuring excursions, swimming, Swedish culture, partying, exploring Sweden’s greatest student town Uppsala and many other things.

Come to Uppsala in August – a lot of fun in the northern sun!

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