Ekaterinburg - city on the continents crossroads

General description

Where is it? – Ekaterinburg is the most eastern BEST city. It is the point on the Ural mountain map where really huge freight traffic is going through.
What is about? - Logistics, World goods moving – How to distribute your goods.
Euro-Asian Transport Corridor: some news from the Crossroads of the North-South and West-East ways. (You know, it going to be a little bit longer – just around 1500Km, but millions of euro! How will it work? Why do this?)
Who should apply? – Students of Logistics and World Economy specialties and people who is interesting in competing with Russian students on this topics.
What will it be? - Two weeks: five days of studying theory; seven days of competing and practice;
Also great Ekaterinburg cultural treasures and Ural nature; and, of course, traditional russian way of getting Fun.
Don’t worry, you won’t freeze this time, because we prepared really good wormer (Tested tough! At least 40 degrees! - Yes! We mean Bunya;))
What will you get? – Best professors from one of the best transport University in Russia.
Communication with the specialists from Russian best logistics companies.
Competition with 20 Russian student (absolutely innovative for BEST summer courses!)
Get the rhythm of the Logistic life! Move!!!
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