Turn me on!!! - Electricity in the service of medicine

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Do you like medicine? Electrical engineering? Biology? Now you have the opportunity to discover how these three apparently different areas of science are fused in biomedical engineering.

We are sure that most of you watch the TV series Emergency Room. But... have you ever wondered how defibrillators really work? And what exactly ECG means? What is heart fibrillation? How cancer could be cured more efficiently? How to help people walk again? Well wonder no more, because all will be revealed during this summer course in Ljubljana.

Nowadays many useful things can be done with a little help of electricity. Our and foreign experts will explain how electromagnetic fields and electric currents affect biological systems. You will find out more about electrical activity of human hearts. They will show you new, more efficient methods of curing cancer and gene therapy. You will also have the chance to learn how electricity can help people with disabilities to move their limbs again. But don’t worry, we will also try to turn theory into practice by giving you the chance to witness a lot of practical work and take you to excursions.

Of course you’ll also have the opportunity to discover Ljubljana and the wonderful countryside of sLOVEnia with its beautiful forests, mountains and rivers of the Savinja valley. You’ll get the chance to swim, ride bikes and do some other sports. Partying and having fun from dusk till dawn included... With or without electricity we will definitely TURN YOU ON!!!

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