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At the dawn of the new century, the century of modern technology and space travels, the information is power! Power that brings our lives together and makes our dreams true! In world so small, without boundaries and differences communication is the true source of the modern world. It provides a path for the future and a highway to the stars! We have prepared a course for people with vision, a two week journey through the world of communications, 42 hours of modern tehnology and 294 hours of party time! So join as for a two week adventure in the land, the cradle of culture and the birthplace of Alexander the Great! You will enjoy the beautiful Macedonian nature and swim in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Ohrid Lake. You will have the opportunity to reveal the ancient town of Ohrid, where one of the oldest Universities was, and to visit the magnificent Byzantine churches and monasteries. And, of course, do not forget the fabulous night life and lots of parties!

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