BEST Engineering Competition

General description

The Engineering Competition is an international event, where teams of students use their technical, social and communication skills to complete a specific task. Under given conditions (time, situation, materials, etc), teams of engineering students compete to deliver the highest possible quality in terms of performance.

Topics and content of the event:

* Team Design - Solving a given technical problem in teams within a limited time.

* Debates - two teams will compete against each other in case to convince the public and judges in their position.

Learning goals, aims and objectives:

* Team Design - You can practically use your technical knowledge, improve your problem solving skills and teamwork capabilities.

* Debates - Improve your communication skills and get practice while negotiating or discussing a serious project in the professional world.

For Team Design category the ranking of the teams will be done by the evaluation and presentation of the projects. For Debates category the evaluation will be done by assessment of the team during the different debates.

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Academic information

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Practical arrangements

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