BEST Engineering Competition

General description

You wonder what BEC or BECCCC is? It’s easy... BE Creative! BE Crazy! BE Cool!

Or just Bring-your-ass to Ekaterinburg City... :) and you’ll find out the TRUTH about BEC.

Some people say that BEC stands for BEST Engineering Competition that is an international event, where teams of students use their technical, social and communication skills to complete a specific task under given conditions (time, situation, materials, etc).

Which categories you’ll be able to participate in?

Team Design - solving a given technical problem in teams within a limited time. The outcome of the competition is a device that will have to perform the needed actions to solve the problem (i.e. to construct hooch still or suction pump :) able to do whatever has been asked). You’ll have a chance to apply and improve your technical knowledge, develop creativity and teamwork capabilities.

Debates - two teams compete against each other to convince the public and judges in their position. You will improve communication skills, logical thinking and get practice while negotiating or discussing a serious project or a problem.

But that’s not all… Imagine spring in Ekaterinburg: fresh cool air, blossoming trees, singing birds… snow here and there. :) Against this nice background the BEC participants keep competing even at night – singing competition, dancing competition, want to try what is limbo competition? – You’ll like it :) Not even mentioning costumed Cinema Night and great students’ Festival in the city.

Want to know more? Come to Ekaterinburg!

Requirements for participants: basic knowledge of Physics and Mechanical Engineering

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