Natural Born Explorers

General description

Now you are sitting at the computer and reading what we want to tell you. Probably you don't have plans for these holidays, however it's not easy to plan good ones, we know it !!!

On the leisurely moody evening, group of crazy people sat down with the glass of beer and started dreaming.

How is it feel like the wind, flying across the country, going to the wildest region of the country. What is going on deep down in the water. How the beer tastes in the high mountains, when the sun raises. How cold is mountain river when you are rafting down?

Now try to imagine you and 30 other fantastic people from whole Europe in our dream. Treking, kayaking, high-hiking, rafting, scuba diving, have you ever try one of them ? Yes, the equipment is very expensive, but no longer!!! Now you have ocasion to conquer earth, water, soil!!! We made our dreams came truth, now is your turn!!! 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, the never ending party. Don't put your dreams away, use in 100 % holiday time.

Be prepared to rough it up for 2 weeks of pure fun, adventure and everlasting memories.

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Practical arrangements

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tent, dormitory