European Week 2006 : Multicultural Project Management, a messy melting POT ?

General description

Always wanted to work abroad ?

Always been attracted by foreign cultures ?

During one week of madness in Supelec, you'll be taught by active engineers many things, from working in a multicultural team to making a project a success. Case studies and working groups will be used in the teaching.

You will learn to understand how engineers (and people in general) from other cultures think and process, and how to work with them in the most efficient way.

And of course: parties, Paris tours (including visiting monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral) and BEST spirit !!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Multicultural Project Management, a messy melting Project Of Technology ? How to build something together ? You will be taught here how to fit well in a team composed of people with different cultures, people that see things differently and that all have not the same values and goals.
Learning goals and objectives:
Develop your skills to fit in a multicultural project.
Examination type:
Round tables.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

In the Supelec students' flats.
Typical french food, including cheese and wine. Everything will be cooked by us for breakfast and diner, and by the school's restaurant for lunch.
Bus and train to tour the region. Subway will be used inside Paris, and to go to Supélec.