Artificial intelligence: success or failure of the humanity?

General description

Have you ever thought about future of humanity? Computer technologies developing rapidly and forcing people to struggle for survival in a computer world. Will people be able to stop the machine which they invented by themselves?

If you visit our course "Artificial Intelligence. Success or failure of the humanity?" you will find out what the Artificial Intelligence is, how it appeared and what achievements have already been done in this field of knowledge. One of the most interesting parts of our course is the phenomena of indistinct linguistic concepts and processing of the information in conditions of uncertainty... sounds mysteriously doesn't it? :) And what's more important - you will get the opportunity to find out what positive and negative consequences the development of Artificial Intelligence is going to have! What's waiting for us - success or failure - you should decide by yourself....generate your opinion...choose your future!!!

AND!... you will get the biggest pleasure in your life visiting RUSSIAN BANYA, playing football in RUSSIAN WINTER FOREST, viewing the second LEANING TOWER in the world (Nevyansk city) and discovering the mysterious RUSSIAN CULTURE.

Do you still hesitate??? Of course not!

See you in Russia.

Academic information

Content and topics:
This course is devoted to artificial intelligence creation, its positive and negative consequences; main technological achievements and possible problems, we could face in the future.
Learning goals and objectives:
introduction to the matter of artificial intelligence; self-educating machines, contemporary achievements in the field; overview of the upcoming method for data processing. During the course, students will be acquainted with practical problems solved and will implement individual works on concrete problems of observation, identification or estimation.
Examination type:
Written exam

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
motivation letter, people interested in the field and that are willing to discover Russia and our culture.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

students' dormitory
students' canteen.
Private bus, public transport