Papa's got a brand new bag

General description

90% of the Worlds finance is controlled by 10% of the people. We are showing you the express-way how to get into that 10% VIP-club.

Do you want to be the master of your own life?

Do you want to decide how high is the wage and when is the time for vacation?

We will provide you the know-how and seal it with practical work. Of course you will get brilliant ideas from Estonian pubs, saunas, trolley-stops, toilets, nightclubs.

But the most important thing, you'll get courage and motivation. After this Summer Course you can do everything – OK maybe not everything. You won't make a better Summer Course than this. But You can try! :)

Academic information

Content and topics:
Papa's got a brand new bag. Whose Your daddy? You are! Because you just came home with a brand new bag full of stocks. Stocks of a company you just founded with inspiration got from our Summer Course. Some say that it takes 72 days to make a company – we say that 72 hours is enough... All it requires from you is an idea. We can answer the question "How". During the lectures and practical tasks everyone gains useful experience and you can start actually working on building your own multi-million-euro-international company. Of course, let's not forget to see the great outdoors – let's not forget that it is Summer! And Summer is the season for...
Learning goals and objectives:
To offer an introduction to the field of business.
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Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student Hostel
Three meals per day: in the university canteen, cafeterias and restaurants in Tallinn and self catering.
Public transport, taxies, rented buses for excursions etc.