Break the surface - combine technology and science under water

General description

Have you ever wondered what is under there?
Have you ever been dreaming about immersing into the blue?
Are you a sea-lover?

If you are, your wildest dreams are about to come true :)

Did you ever think it is possible to combine BEST course with scuba diving?
What if we tell you that you can do it, more that successfully, on this year's Spring course in Croatia?

Would you like to take part of interdisciplinary school about underwater environment? Would you like to meet croatian fish? :)

Spend 10 days on the most beautiful sea in Europe and discover what is under it, get to know one of 1000 beautiful Croatian islands, and learn everything about underwater engineering, archaeology, biology and shipbuilding.
You will learn how to operate underwater vehicle, how to take samples for biological researches from the sea bottom without damaging the nature, how to coordinate a team of people who all have different ways of thinking.
You will also get the chance to try scuba diving, to see how it all looks from beneath. You will experience peace, beauty and feeling that is said you can only feel under the sea or in the universe.

Above all that, you will experience wild parties, pub crawling, games, BBQ, and much more, in BEST way!

Let magnificent beauty of Croatian coastline and sea leave you breathless :)

Academic information

Content and topics:
Challenging team work in a multidisciplinary and multinational team on sea researches in fields of engineering, biology, archaeology and shipbuilding through lessons, workshops, trying-by-yourself and discovery-divings.
Learning goals and objectives:
Cooperation between technical and non-technical students, between engineers and humanists with purpose of better cooperation and understanding and communication between those groups. Meeting newest technologies for underwater operations and researches.
Examination type:
Project presentation
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Cooked, lunch packets
Bus, feet :)