Polymers are fantastic! Petro- vs Bio-based Plastics

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You are using it every day, even right now, it's something your life will not be complete with: Plastics!
Do you want to discover the latest developments in the world of new materials? Come to Eindhoven and explore the wonderful world of plastics and polymers!

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Content and topics:
Plastics are well-known in society as a class of synthetic, light-weight and flexible materials which are used for CDs, packaging films and bags, coffee cups and various other devices commonly used in your daily life. Currently about 5% of the world oil production is used for plastics, and this number is quickly increasing. Bio-plastics are an interesting alternative, but how suitable are these? In this Summer Course, the world of polymers and plastics will be reviewed from a technological and economic point of view including demos and site visits to companies.
Learning goals and objectives:
Basic understanding of polymer chemistry. Knowing the difference between petro-based and bio-based polymers. Basic understanding of both methods of production and the relevant economical aspects.
Examination type:
Written examination.
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Selection criteria:
Interest in the topic and contributing to the atmosphere.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

At several organisers and hosts' places.
The Dutch way!
  • Breakfast: sandwiches
  • Lunch: same as breakfast
  • Dinner: warm typically Dutch meal. But don't worry, we have lots of ketchup and salt!
By bicycle, expect a trained body after the course! Excursions of longer distance are done by train or bus.