The Road Trip - Exploring the North

General description

Have you ever wondered if the place THAT BEAUTIFUL as they show in movies actually exists?

Have you drooled over whenever you saw photos of Scandinavia?

Have you ever wanted to make a journey that you never ever forget??

Then join us! Cars are ready, roads are calling!

From the southern part of Sweden (Gothenburg) going up to the North while experiencing all the Sweden.. On the way back through the whole Norway please eyes with the awesomeness of fjords and feel the power of mountains. This event is about driving, camping, hiking and exploring 2 countries: mountains, fjords, cities, castles, local festivals and much more.

With us you will:

- See famous places of Sweden and Norway (just imagine: two the most awesome countries by one shoot!).

- Get closer to the Nordic culture and experience all its hidden beauties

- Hike in the mountains; see fjords, visit festivals and more.

- Cross the polar circle in summer (check the map on our site) and camp out there.

- Will be able to tell that you did over 5000km trip!

- Have the best time ever captured in best photographs.

- Get enchanted!

Of course, this trip is going to be challenging. We all the time will sleep in tents, cook simple food ourselves and forget what a comfy sofa is. There will also be hiking involved, so you should be prepared for this (incl. proper shoes and clothing). It will be a rather small group with fewer members from the organizing Local BEST Group than usual, and therefore it is expected that everyone takes part in organizing the camping, cooking and other smaller tasks along the way. It will be some work for everyone, but it will be a lot of fun!

We will drive few hundred kms, then explore places of attraction, then drive some more - all together approx. 500km per day. Thus if you:

- Enjoy spending time in cars;

- Love camping and do not mind helping out with it (we all are going to be involved)

- Love gorgeous Scandinavian nature and want to explore it

- Love hiking

- Love adventures

...then apply now!

Right now the core team of "On the Road: Reaching the North!" is working hard on lowering the event price. CHECK FOR THE LATEST NEWS ON OUR WEBSITE!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation Letter and answers to custom questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Simple food cooked ourselves