EdYOUcation - Raise Your Hand, Make a Change

General description

Hey! Yes You, you there, we want to ask you something...

Do You enjoy being an engineer?

In a scale of one to ten, how attractive is it? And about usefulness for a future employment, do You think You have the support to become the engineer You have been dreaming?

Do You think you need more skills than those provided by your university?

The point is - we value your opinion and we want to represent it on the European Educational level! Be part of this initiative and put an effort into changing your Education. Make your voice heard and join us!

We aim to gather ideas from people with different backgrounds, in order to have outcomes that are valid throughout Europe!

We want to raise awareness and involve students in the process of education because we believe that?s the key to tackle issues that concern the European Engineering Education.

Through a series of discussion sessions, you will be able to state your opinion and introduce new ideas regarding, innovative teaching methods, student retention, enhancement of personal skills and the development of technology inside the education system.

In the perspective of Accrediting the activities that the student is involved in his university life, activities that enhance problem solving and critical thinking will be elaborated. Morever, the value of such skills in future employment will be analysed

You will have the opportunity to express your ideas and thoughts on educational matters through discussions, lectures and sharing sessions with professors and field experts, providing them with a global and critical view about the current education system.

While working to improve education in Europe You have the excellent opportunity to enjoy the Portuguese Culture.

You will be hosted by Aveiro, a quiet and small city where You can find BUGAS, moliceiros and ovos moles. In addition our country is known for its amazing weather, for the beautiful landscapes and beaches, that noone can resist.

Thus, donĀ“t miss the opportunity to spend an amazing week underneath the Portuguese sun, enjoying our amazing cuisine and hospitality pass by you! Apply now!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation Letter, Questions and Interess in Topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

It will be provide by the University of Aveiro, in their dorms
3 Meals per day, at least one hot
By foot or public transports