Ski&Snowboard 2k+1

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With its rich history, Romania is a delightful blend of the New World and the Old. The Romanians are a warm and friendly people, full of energy and creativity to match their vast surroundings, and proudly attached to the language and culture that make them unique in so many ways. Big-city sights, country resorts, sweet exhilaration or complete relaxation-no matter what your pleasure, you're sure to find it in Romania. And just when you thought you'd seen it all, Romania will surprise you, again and again!

Here we invite you to spend the most wonderful week of your life. A week full of ski&snowboard, visit a lot of interesting places, get in touch with great people all over Europe and don't forget, we are latins and parties are one of our specialties.

This activity require a minimum of 25 participants.

See you in Romania

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