General description

Welcome on board, dear Adventurer!

People have been dreaming about inventions ever since they started to think. Hope you’re ready to meet the future, because the topic of our course is too good to simply talk about it. Please welcome - “Goldberg Machine”!

What is it? It's mostly the way of thinking. You can always choose an easy way to achieve your goals, but the way itself could also be a huge achievement!

During the course you will:

-learn how to develop and then make complicated system from simple things;

-model parts of your Goldberg Machine together with your team using 3D printer;

-combine all parts of the puzzle together and present your Goldberg “miracle”.

Trust us, it’s gonna be great work and even more important a huge fun!

Our ship is ready to launch. Jump in!! Destination is wonderful St. Petersburg.

Here in the BEST World power and adventure belong to the Lucid Dreamers, but moreover skillful Engineers! So don’t forget your:

-CAD or 3D modeling working experience;

-inspiration and extraordinary way of thinking;

-desire to explore amazing place of cold weather but warm hearts and super hospital people!

What else? Hmmm.. maybe BEST opportunity of your life!

Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself completely in our mysterious culture and so famous Russian spirit! Venture to meet our lovely LBG and make sure that only the best stereotypes about Russians are true - priceless!!!

We are willing to teach you, entertain and impress. Come here and do the same!



Academic information

Fields of activity:
Automotive Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Machine & Instrument engineering/Design , Mechanical Engineering , Production Engineering/Management
Content and topics:
Small introduction to 3D modeling software, modeling Goldberg Machine, creation, presentation and analysis of the results.
Learning goals and objectives:
Students will gain knowledge in designing and 3D modeling technologies through lectures and practical tasks. In teams they will make a model of Goldberg Machine using CAD, print details and present their work.
Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Selection will be based on the interest and knowledge shown on the topic, general impression from motivation letter and the answers for the questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Three meals per day (at least one hot meal is included)
By public transport (metro, buses)