Hitchhiking on the data highway? - Get connected in Sofia!

General description

How do the emails travel in the Network? By bus? Hitchhiking? What do you need to connect Sofia and your city? 10 000 km of wires? What is going on when you pick up the phone? Signals from the aliens? What do SS7, SDH, ISDN, VoIPv6 and many other abbreviations mean? Strange Bulgarian names? You will have 14 days to find out the answers!

Meanwhile you will face the traditional Bulgarian Banitza and Rakia, you will gain some experience on the field of Balkan traditions. You will show your engineering skills in our pubs and we will show you the wonders of Telecommunications and Bulgaria! We also will show you the well-known Bulgarian nightlife, so don’t forget to take with you a full pack of caffeine injections!

Welcome to Sofia and spend with us this sleepless, never-ending half of month!

Academic information

Content and topics:
1. Types of signaling systems 2. Basic definition and types of network protocols 3. Transmission of management data between network nodes
Learning goals and objectives:
To give a basic knowledge about the telecommunication systems. To put some light on the modern trends in the field. To empower the young students by expanding their cultural horizons.
Examination type:
final exam
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and answers of the custom questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

hostel; mountain cottage
all the food will be provided by the organizers: breakfast - sandwiches lunch & dinner - hot meal
public transport