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... Pizza. Aromatic cappuccino. Vanilla ice-cream. Japanese rolls. Russian Salad ... </br>


How often do you think about food? And about the time that takes to cook it? Do you know that in an average four-person-household kitchen, there are approximately 100 kitchen zone changes per day. Up to 30 journeys to and from the table. Approximately 50 activities carried out within the kitchen zones. Various appliances are used nearly 30 times each day. Doors drawers and pull-outs are opened and closed over 80 times. This also amounts to thousands of kilometres back and forth, innumerable knee bends and millions of small movements.

Over 20 years this amounts to approximately 2.6 million activities of this kind. If you could save time, effort and distance traveled for each of these activities, this would add up to an incredible amount of personal energy saved - energy and time that could be spent doing other things.</br>


Now we give you unique opportunity to learn how to organise your free time on the kitchen while visiting the wonderful country Russia. The country full of mysteries, with bears passing by. The city of Ekaterinburg which situated in the middle of nowhere in eternal snow, on the boarder between Europe and Asia.</br>


Are u ready to dive into snow, taste red caviar and Russian vodka, learn what is "sugrob" and "valenki", visit real Russian banya? Then don't hesitate - just apply!</br>


We are waiting for you!

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Content and topics:
conference, introduction into Dynamic space, lectures, project workshop
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Project presentation
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Not known yet

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Selection criteria:
motivation letter, people interested in topic and willing to discover Russia

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Youth hostel
Canteen, cafeteria
Buses, trams, trolleys and cars