Race with the wind

General description

Were you a professional paper windmills maker when you were a child?
Did you enjoy blowing to the fins and make it spin very fast?
Did you get hypnotized by its draft?
Are you a green-energy lover, friend of environment, and your favourite greek god is Eolo?
Do you feel yourself like a contemporary Quijote, and you are willing to fight giant mills, and learn a lot about them?
Are you interested in wind power, wind energy, wind force, wind turbines?

So, this is definitely the Engineering Competition you were looking for!! Race with the wind!!! Friendly team competition about the honorable pursuit of victory
Could that be better?! Yes, it can!

It will all be happening in the winderfull city of Madrid, one of the big centers of the world culture: museums (Prado, Reina Sofía, Thyssen...), Art Galleries, theatres, monuments, amazing skyline, fabulous sightseeing... under a lovely sky, a soft breeze and the splendid sun of Spain!
Enjoy the amazing places and corners where you can contemplate the most spectacular late afternoons: that brief and intense moment, already immortalized by Velázquez or Goya, beside tasting our culinary delights... and sangría.
Find out the real meaning of fiesta, meet great friends, enjoy 8 amazing days in the capital of Spain, and have the BEST time of your life.

Don't think it any longer? Wind it up!!!
Apply now, and may the wind-force be with you!!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Eolic energy
Learning goals and objectives:
Eolic Energy Competition. Strengthen skills such as imagination and creativity
Examination type:
Competition !
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
-Basic knowledge on programming, electronics or mechanics. -Motivation letter and interest on the topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Youth hostels
University canteen, picnics & restaurants
Private bus & public transport