Fantasy meets reality. Design your own game!

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Did your house ever burn to ground, your city got destroyed completely? Did you ever wreck 5 cars in less then 5 minutes and then got shot by your best friend? Then you must have played a computer game. But behind every game there is an idea and a team to bring it to reality. Join the team and discover what games are made of!

How can you make a good game? It is hardly something you can easily describe, and almost impossible to put into a pattern. Game players even have a fairly wide range of opinions on what exactly is “good”. Does it mean fun? Does it mean exciting? Probably it means all of these things, and even more.

Let’s assume now that you know how to program games. Now you want to put all this knowledge to use by creating a game that you can throw onto the market, to get yourself “known” and maybe even make some bucks. Your first response would probably be to sit down and start by typing main() . Instead it is recommended a simple process before you even begin coding.

This course attempts to illustrate the importance of experimental computer science in the development of game-playing programs, and also the interoperabilty between several departments of a company that work together to achieve performance in their games.

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