Best Exploration Survival Tour - 1000 miles with Zubrowka in your backpack!

General description

    Enjoy 380 BEST hours !
         ...explore 1000 polish miles !!
                 ...have fun for 24 hours every day!!!

Get ready to BEST Great Expedition, where organizers supply You with instructors who will initiate You into exciting extreme sports:

... swim in kayak&canoe on forest and wild river.
... climb on white rocks in the midst of medieval castles
... ride on bike ahead through woods, fields and villages
... reach the sky on mountains peaks
... taste the White Water during rafting course in the most
     beautiful canyon in Europe
... win the paintball battle on the real military training ground
... go sightseeing in atypical way in the most beautiful European city –Cracow
& more...

We are preparing for you 16 days in the most interesting, natural,
marvelous and beautiful places in the Central Europe.

Get comfortable boots on, take the rucksack and come to explore Poland!

Polish treasures, nature , we and bottles of drinks are waiting for You right now !!!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee: