Smaller is Better - Enter the World of Micro and Nano Technologies

General description

Micro: 10E-6

Nano: 10E-9

In the heart of Technologies, come and discover a world underneath ours, invisible but yet fascinating.

Micro and Nano - technologies: an emerging field of science and engineering. You will learn how to observe, realize and control extremely miniaturized structures.

Discover the new invaders of fundamental Physics and Biology, electronics, materials, medicine...

Mega: 10E6

Giga: 10E9

In the heart of the French Alps, come and discover a world around us, visible and also fascinating.

Mega and Giga - fun: keep the BEST spirit! You will learn how to apply the principles of BEST: "work hard, party hard".

Discover the famed French Cuisine, the famous French Lovers, and lose yourself in the mountains surrounding the Capital of the Alps, Grenoble.

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