3D Hiking: "Dazzling Days on Dachstein"

General description

Have you ever done a snow-ball fight in the middle of summer? While walking over a glacier at 2500m above sea level? You ever climbed a peak of 3000 meters? No? Then, it is time for you to change that today!
BEST Vienna's first-ever Leisure Event will take you to heights yet unknown; out of 10 days in total, we will spent four days hiking over one of the most favoured and mysterious mountains in the Austrian Alps: the Dachstein.
After coming down from the mountain, we will stay three more days in Hallstatt, one famous Austrian lake-side town. We will relax in and around the lake, and pay a visit to the popular "Giant Ice Caves".
Additionally, Viennese sight-seeing is included as well! All in all, an unique opportunity - do not miss it!
Please note - the fee might still get lower, depending on us finding additional sponsorships.

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Practical arrangements

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