Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Fight

General description

Czesc! We want to invite you to a great adventure with science and fun. What is artificial intelligence? Probably you already know that. Computer science, artificial life, neurons and fuzzy logic, all gathered in one topic. What is the aim of our course? Why should you come to Lodz. We want to organise a battle of minds (not only your minds), a virtual competition. After some theory you will have a chance to work in teams and try your new skills in laboratories.

The BEST will be the winner. Be prepared to creative work 'cause competition will require a lot of imagination and knowledge. That is why our course is so unusual.

If you wanna do something that will increase your skills and have a fun with great people from the whole Europe do not hesitate to apply! However, life has more than one interesting side, that's why we would like to invite you to our city and its splendid Pub Valley to enjoy your free time in a nice and relaxing atmosphere with open-minded people. Follow the white rabbit and take the red pill...

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