Pack it to Sell it, from Wood to Smart Packaging !!!

General description

Hello people !!! Let me introduce myself. You can see me everywhere in your daily life but most of the time you don’t pay attention to me…Why are you so bad to me ? Cause you don’t know my qualities…I m strong, trendy, colourful, printable and smart !! And how do you treat me ? You just throw me away in the garbage !!! Come on, I’m PACKAGING !!!!

But that’s not all, our special spring course pack also includes: sun, mountains, delicious French cuisine and …French kisses. You will like Grenoble, the capital of the Alps, as much as packaging !!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
- General information about the papermaking industry. Discovery of the raw material (wood) needed. - You will learn the basic steps of the papermaking process. - The way of designing the packaging thanks to the use of software - Improvements (printing,chips …) which make the customers buy the product
Learning goals and objectives:
The learning goal of this academic course is to provide an introductory knowledge to every student about the papermaking process that leads to the manufacturing of packaging.
Examination type:
Multiple choice examination with many questions related to the course

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