"To wire or not to wire" - The newest technologies in telecommunication

General description

*Would you like to know the development of the telecommunication from Alexander Graham Bell till now???

*Would you like to talk with the students from other summer courses in the real time???


maybe you just asking yourself:

· Have I ever visited 20 different-style pubs one night???

· Have I been to the city where most of the pubs are placed at least 5m underground,

· Have I ever met a dragon?

· Have I ever partied for 2 weeks with friends from all over the Europe??

· Have I ever licked the walls of the mine? ;))

· Have I ever met a "bizon" in a bottle? :)

Don't hesitate any longer. Come and see it!!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Learning goals and objectives:
To be widely oriented about modern telecommunication techniques.
Examination type:
written examination

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
20-24 participants will be selected by motivation letter, their interest about the topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

University's dormitories
University's cafeteria
public transportation, couches, taxi