When Imagination Comes True: Big Infrastructures Made in Italy

General description

Like to travel? To move around a lot? Then you like planes, trains, subways…
Ever thought it would be great to have this bridge here or this highway there, so you could quickly go anywhere? You dream to reach any place, even the most unreachable?
Then... this course is for you!!!

Come and discover how big infrastructures are designed to improve our mobility. From reaching the decision to the realisation, from financial planning to the assessment of the environmental impacts, we will go through the process of creating the great infrastructure of a country: bridge, high speed train, subway…

And of course, besides learning all this, you will discover Italy and one of its biggest cities: Milan.
Come and see the Italian way of life from the inside: its delicious food, its famous Aperitivo, its beautiful cities, its famous fashion, its songs, its hot climate and of course its Crazy Parties!!!

The only thing that we need now is the BEST people to come and enjoy the BEST spirit.

Academic information

Content and topics:
Project management and realisation of great infrastructures for mobility
Learning goals and objectives:
Giving basic knowledge on management of complex projects like infrastructures.
Examination type:
Written exam or case study

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation interest towards subject

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Hot meals and packed meals
Public transport and private cars