L.O.S.T. - LunAtic Outdoor Survival Trekking

General description

If you think you are strong enough to survive two extraordinary weeks in the enchanted land in the heart of Europe called Slovakia then keep on reading.

The main goal of this action is to join the nature by tracking

in Slovak Paradise and The Tatras - the most beautiful parts of our country.

Except it you will realize unique slovak national culture, habits, food and drinks and we believe you will love it at the first sight.

You will spent a few nights in the open air, you will eat what you find, so be prepare for everything. :-)))

You have to pay for it, but we are sure it is not a waste of money. That means no stress with boring lectures only lots of fun, advanture, unfogettable experiences....

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee: