Design of Satellite Systems for Telecommunications and Earth Surveying

General description

The aim of this series of lessons is to cope with the topics of the electromagnetic theory and of the telecommunication

engineering involved in the construction of the artificial satellites.

A big relevance will be stressed on the technologies used in the design of the

on-board equipment as well as the ground reception and control centers and infrastructures.

We will present the principal present and future applications in civil field and in the research context,

from the video/data/voice transmission up to the recent SAR techniques for the territory

surveying and monitoring.

Several guided visits to the Italian industries of the sector have been scheduled, and

you'll have the opportunity to take a closer look to the research and development laboratories,

so that you could understand how serious are those activities, even related to the Electronic and Telecommunication

department of the University of Napoli "Federico II", which has been investigating the matter for a long time.

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