Effective production using modern technologies: lasers, virtual reality, rapid prototyping & more.

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Modern trends in the global market demand any industry to produce a variety of different products: customers, whether they are individuals or companies themselves, are more and more concerned on the quality of the products they consume and ask them to fit their special requirements.

Our course will focus on the modern production technologies, their applications and benefits from their use in industry. Through lectures and presentations, participants will learn about cutting-edge technologies & techniques used nowadays in industry, such as lasers, virtual reality, rapid prototyping, mould production techniques, CAD, Computer Integration Manufacturing, Process Planning and much more… Participants will also be able to practice in groups on solving real-life problems using laboratory equipment and computers. Finally, we have arranged to visit production plants located in the nearby region and discuss with professionals about their experience.

But our course is more than just lectures and problem solving: get the chance to get accustomed with the Greek culture and people. Visiting sunny beaches, places of great historic and cultural interest and spend two unforgettable weekends next to the sea. This is your chance, apply to Patras’ Summer Course 2003, get the chance to meet us!

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