Barrel of beer? Barrel of oil? Can you tell the difference?

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What is the difference between a barrel of beer and a barrel of oil?…Have you ever thought about that? Likewise are you intrigued by labyrinth of dark and gloomy passages in mines? Curious how an oil well looks like? Or are you enchanted by the reaches of the underground? Maybe you have wondered why the oil is so important….

If so, we invite you for two crazy weeks which will pass as quiclky as the oil surfaces the Earth.

During this fortnight you will know the ins and outs of exploration and oil refining. Moreover if you enjoy good beer and love great fun, this course is addressed exactly to you.

With us you will have the opportunity to visit, inter alia, marvelous Skansen museum - The Ignacy Lukasiewiczz Memorial Museum of Oil Industry, where the oldest in the world and continuosly active oil-mine is located, you will wander through a refinery…not mentioning dropping into a Brewery))

Certainly, apart from the academic part of the course, where we will become much more familiar with the oil issues, you will receive a hands-on course on Cracow, one of the European Culture Capitals, the city of pubs, fun and the unique atmosphere impossible to be found anywhere else. We will do our BEST to make you live Cracow thoroughly so that it remains in your memory for a lifetime.

Girls do not hesitate to apply!! You won't be bored for sure...Oil can be intresting matter especially in the male surrounding:-)!!!

We are waiting for you...

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