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Your curiosity did you well...
But first, a brief history lesson...:)

2.000.000 years ago, man started using the opposable finger...
10.000 years ago man still used the opposable finger to draw sketches of the running buffalos on the walls of his cave...
Then Pythagoras was born!!! and he taught mankind how to draw a circle...and more...
200 years ago, man was already a master of the second dimension...
The XX-st century mastered the 3D design by use of a ruler, pencil and paper on the drawing board...
In the 90's man started using his index finger on clicking the mouse...
...and so the computer-aided design was born!
Nowadays, paper and pencils are already history, and "computer 3D design" is the future!!!
And now "the man" needs to learn more about 3D design!

What better way to do that than coming to Cluj-Napoca this summer?
Our course gives you the opportunity to develop your 3D skills and learn a high rated 3D design software: Solid Edge. Here in the beautiful and full of history land of Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania, a bunch of crazy, funny, party people waits to meet you and make your stay here unforgettable. We will prepare an amazing social program to make sure you will have the BEST time of your life: a lot of wild parties, trips to our picturesque mountains, the encounter with a totally different way of life, OUR way of life!


...if you want to keep up with evolution, coming to our course is essential!

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