Human acts & the environment

General description

There is a very delicate equilibrium between the human acts and the environment. Once this is distorted the consequences will be terrible for both our and the future generations. However, people continue to pollute the air and the earth, to waste water, build huge cities without any environmental considerations and to use materials that are not recyclable and harm the environment. Hence, though everyone is talking about the need for sustainable development, this seems to be just theory and no actions are taken.

In this course you will get the opportunity to find out more about the impact of human acts on the environment. You will hear about the basic principles of the environment and examine the major human acts that harm it. Finally, you will get to learn about the meaning and the basic principles of sustainable development.

OF COURSE it is not only that. You will spend a wonderful week in the city of Athens and see it getting ready and decorated for X-mas. You will stroll around the ancient monuments and see the life in the after Olympic period. Finally you will dance, drink, laugh, make friends and get to know first hand the famous greek hospitality !

Academic information

Content and topics:
- Basic Principles of the environment : Earth, Water, Atmopshere and Climate Conditions - Human acts : Cities, Materials, Noise and Dams (case study: the N.Plastiras Lake) - Conclusions of the seminar : Basic principles of sustainable development
Learning goals and objectives:
The learning goal of this academiv course is to provide an introductory knowledge to every student about the environment and how humans can infect it.
Examination type:
Multiple choice examination with many questions relative to the course

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