Timber resources

General description

Forest has always been an important natural resource for Latvia and for its people throughout history. Forest ecology. Timber resources. Processing technology and design. Production diversity. Nowadays this productive industry is very important for progressing and subsistence. Timber has a large usability on stream, in international trade. Ecology and nature protection - it is natural resource utilization.

Are you interested about wood, about things you can do with it? Do you want to discover the magic of timber?

Here you can find the information about timber itself and industry.

Explore it all in lectures, nature, company visits and more within 10 marvelous days.

Simply - get closer to nature of Latvia.

Excursions, sauna and parties are vital part of this course.

Academic information

Content and topics:
Timber resources, processing technology and design, production, woodland.
Learning goals and objectives:
Show a wood industry. Look at production infrastructure. Get some knowledge about this branch of trade.
Examination type:
Practical duties.

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Bus, train, public transport.