Next station, sustainable education

General description

Do you know the city of Masdar or any other High Tech sustainable development project? Or you think Hulk is sustainable because he is green? Who thought sustainability was only about ecology? Let us introduce to you our main topics...

Education on Sustainable Development, Learning Disciplines & IT technologies


We strongly believe that solving the problems humankind is facing is a challenge and a chance for innovation, and here is where your ideas really matter. So, how would YOU innovate in the ways students get concerned about the problems and the means to contribute to a more sustainable future?

Have you ever thought about learning more, faster and following your interests? Do you expect to share your knowledge in the future? Have you ever wondered if the way we learn could be done otherwise? Could you imagine the impact it will take on the ESD? We want to go further, do you want to come with us?

One of our aims is to trigger your curiosity to learn more and more and share this knowledge as a way of life, enhancing learning and teaching in an interactive and more efficient way and introducing new IT technologies in the way them would help us.

Moreover you will discover Madrid's summer! You will enjoy great sunny days in a Spanish lifestyle as well as some great sangría, flamenco, tapas and FIESTA!

BEST Symposium provides YOU opportunities of having an impact on the new trends in European Engineering Education. During interactive sessions with representatives and experts on ESD and alternative learning methods you will generate ideas and provide suggestions, share Your ideas and give input. Make your voice heard all around Europe and shape the future. So, if you are waiting in platform 9 ¾, step into the train! Next station is sustainable Education!


Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
motivation letter, interest in topic

An equal number of male and female participants is aspired as well as a high diversity of both the country of origin of participants and their field of study.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

3 meals/day, at least one hot
walking and public transport