Energy in Europe, Union or Confusion.

General description

The more we go, the more energy in Europe seems unified. Economically, there is now a common market in Europe and technically, many people think some energy sources could be universal. In the same time, nobody knows today if all the European countries will find an agreement about the liberalization of the market of Energy. Moreover, the choice of the sources of production differs a lot from one country to another one: Nuclear in France, everything except Nuclear in Germany, Renewable energies in Denmark, Thermal and hydro electrical in Scandinavia….

This theme will be illustrated by lectures given by specialists from renowned companies and Working groups on subjects like the following:

The liberalization of electricity market

Nuclear energy in Europe

What is the future of renewable energies ?

The european dependency on OPEP countries

The energy, the driving force of the unreal world

These will be completed by industrial site visits.

Of course, there will also be a visit of Paris and its main places, and unforgettable night parties!

See you all in Paris!

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