Meet what you eat!

General description

The word is FOOD.

Your thought is?

For some people it is something that they dream of. For others it is something that is taken for granted and it is bonded with comfortable feeling of happiness and pleasure, but the fact is that after certain number of years food can produce not so pleasurable effects on our body.

So, should we be superficial when we feed ourselves and those little gray cells?

Correct answer is NO.

Actually, nowadays we should be very careful what products we take from shelves in supermarket so there are three cardinal questions:

1) How to make these decisions? 2) Whom to listen? 3) Where to look?

First of all, although it is hard, you should put behind those fantastic conspiracy theories made up about food and pharmaceutical industries.

To ''be cool, be sexy, be you'' and stay ''forever young'' you don't need a luxury spa. All you need is the course that we've prepared for you - so we're the matchmaker between you and your food choice, thus this is the answer to the question whom to listen. We will open your eyes and minds for those tiny letters on food packing labels so you can understand which of those marks actually mean something and refer to food safety and quality, and which are just producers? Jokes on the account of our unawareness. This way you will get the answer to the third question.

It is obvious that we can not imagine our lives without food, but do we appreciate it enough and can we do that without knowing it well?

Again, correct answer is NO so you should say one big YES to THIS course.

YES because through this course you will get practical knowledge about information that food producers and media present to us considering food safety and quality so you can test these ''instructions'' as soon as NOW, while you are eating your favourite candy.

YES because we are waiting eagerly to give you the best time in your lives.

YES because Novi Sad is just stunning in May: Danube is blue, drinks are on the tables and excellent food on every step!

YES because you have already decided to apply here and there is no way you can change your mind without becoming split personality :)

So all you need to do is just to tell how much you want us :)

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Food Engineering
Content and topics:
Food engineering, food quality, food preservation, food ingredients, food packaging, food technology
Learning goals and objectives:
To show key points in food technology and quality which are vital for buyers' decision making regarding food products.
Examination type:
Written test
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

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Selection criteria:
Motivation letter

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