AlgoRHYTHMs in Engineering Applications

General description

LBG Budapest is glad to present you our high academic level course. The topic covers

  • mathematical tools: graph theory matroids, a few words about integer programming
  • applications: classical network theory, routing VLSI circuits, rigidity of bar-and-joint frameworks, relation to the reconstructability of convex polyhedra from their projected images.
The lecturers are well-known professors in international level, who provide us practical experience, and one week participation in a CEEPUS congress in Budapest! BUT of course besides the brain training you will FEEL THE RHYTHM! of the Hungarian (night)lifestyle, culture, famous wines, neverending parties and the city-rally! Be prepared for caving, canoeing, sailing and a long-weekend at the Hungarian see: lake Balaton...!

Information for applicants

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Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee: