In this webpage you will be able to find the documents that contain the outcomes from the past BEST Events on Education, as the Educational Involvement Department believes in sharing these results with the public. This will also offer you an overview of the subjects that the Educational Involvement Department has been working on.

Download Documents:

EdYOUcation - Raise Your Hand, Make a Change
EoE Aveiro 2013 PDF 8.6 MB
Bringing Education and Entrepreneurship under students' scope
BACo Timisoara 2013 PDF 17 KB
Education for Sustainable Development Fostering the Revolution of Society
EoE Vienna 2012 PDF 156 KB
Is your life online? Then make it WORK!
Symposium 2011 Riga PDF 156 KB
Work virtually! Boost your career at student speed!
Symposium 2010 Ljubljana PDF 888 KB
University in not enough? Cross the bridge to the real world!
BACo 2010 Sofia PDF 2.49 MB
Improving Engineering Education? Let's do it together!
Joint Event on Education 2009 Brno PDF 184 KB
Time for innovation in education! Are we super-engineers?
Symposium 2009 Zagreb PDF 172 KB
Steady, ready, make it happen!
Presentation at SEFI Annual Conference 2009 Rotterdam PPT 556 KB
Shaping the 21st century professional engineer in Europe
BACo 2008 Bucharest PPT 240 KB
Virtual Mobility: European Education and beyond
Symposium 2007 Sofia PDF 535 KB
E-learning and Student Mobility in Higher Education
Symposium 2007 Gothenburg PDF 447 KB
Engineering demand and offer in Europe
Symposium 2007 Milan PDF 128 KB
Undergraduate Research and Service Science
BACo 2007 Brussels PDF 404 KB
National & Inter-European Challenges in Bologna Process Implementation
Symposium 2006 Lviv PDF 118 KB
Virtual Mobility - The educational challenge of the future
Symposium 2006 Bucharest PDF 129 KB
Active learning in Engineering Education
Symposium 2006 Porto PDF 117 KB
Ethics and Sustainable Development issues in Engineering Education
Symposium 2006 Madrid PDF 252 KB
Accreditation, learning outcomes and the role of extra-curricular activities in the formation of engineers.
BACo 2006 Istanbul PDF 210 KB
Teaching methods of the future: E-Learning and Project Based Learning
Symposium 2005 Aalborg PDF 231 KB
The Role of Extra-Curricular Activities in the Formation of Engineers
Symposium 2005 Rome Tor Vergata PDF 173 KB
Access to higher Education and Undergraduate Research
Symposium 2005 Ljubljana PDF 187 KB
Innovations in Engineering Education
BACo 2005 Zagreb PDF 196 KB
The Bologna process, Quality and Accreditation towards Recognition
IBS 2004 Almada PDF 137 KB
E4 Dissemination Year
IBS 2004 Tallinn PDF 121 KB
Curriculum Development
BS 2003 Vienna PDF 70.4 KB
Teaching methods and resources
IBS 2002 Valladolid PDF 53.8 KB
One Million Erasmus students
IBS 2002 Lyon PDF 63.5 KB
Leonardo Quality Charter
IBS 2002 Lisbon PDF 33.3 KB
Student Exchange Programs
IBS 2002 Chania PDF 63.2 KB
Internet Resources
IBS 2002 Chania PDF 45.4 KB
Problem Based Learning
IBS 2001 Trondheim PDF 21 KB
IBS 2001 Trondheim PDF 29.2 KB
IBS 2001 Helsinki PDF 2.32 MB
Practise of Life Long Learning
IBS 1999 Stockholm PDF 27.5 KB
Education in the New Millennium
IBS 1999 Madrid PDF 37.7 KB
IBS 1999 Cluj-Napoca PDF 340 KB
New Teaching Methods and Technologies
IBS 1998 Helsinki PDF 24.6 KB