List of BEST Courses

You can apply for up to three BEST Courses per season, but you can only be accepted to one of them. The courses can be prioritized at the My applications page and their status can be monitored there as well.

Additionally, you can apply for up to three other (BEST Symposia on Education or Partner Organisation events) per season, and get accepted to any number of them.

BEST is committed to providing a service with proper safety and quality standards, which involves applying safety measures in order to ensure safe events and following the instructions and restrictions of local authorities. This responsibility relies upon each organising Local BEST Group, please contact the organisers of your event if you wish to have more detailed information. Additionally, we advise checking any travel restrictions from your country to the destination where the event you attend will take place

If any COVID-19 related situation appears that prevents you from attending an event, please contact us through BEST Helpdesk so that your absence can be excused.

For further questions, please go to the FAQ page.

BEST Courses

Event Place Dates Type Academic complexity Fee (max)
Ecological waves in Nouvelle Aquitaine Online CANCELED BEST Online Course N/A 0.0€
The Energy Dilemma Zoom 24 - 29 May 2021 BEST Online Course N/A 0.0€
Chang3DWorld: Give this world another dimension Online 4 - 8 July 2021 BEST Online Course N/A 0.0€
Step in and spin your mind - Introduction to new absorption technology Online 12 - 16 July 2021 BEST Online Course N/A 0.0€
Formula HP: Computer Vision on Wheels! Online 27 August - 3 September 2021 BEST Course on Technology Advanced 0.0€