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InnoEnergy is a Pan-European company working at every stage of the innovation journey within the field of sustainable energy - from the classroom to the customers. Together with our partners we facilitate innovation projects that have produced 78 solutions used by industry and filed 77 patents, we have supported over 149 early start-ups and created 70 new companies, and 93 % of our Master School graduates find a job six months after graduating and earn an average 15% more than their peers.

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What is InnoEnergy Master School?

Our Master School offers 7 different Master programs within the field of sustainable energy which are built up by a consortium of 11 technical universities, 2 business schools, 6 research institutes and 7 leading industry partners around Europe. All specializations benefit from our generous Mobility program which offers double degree diploma upon graduation. We believe that in order to give our students an edge, engineering and technical knowledge must be combined with commercial awareness and entrepreneurial knowledge. Therefore, our students also attend summer schools at two of Europe’s top Business Schools and attend personal development training for professionals. We also offer scholarships and tuition fee waivers to the majority of our accepted students.

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Our Seven Master Programs

All InnoEnergy Master Programs are 120 ECTS 2-years, full time. All programs have a mandatory mobility program which results in double degrees upon graduation.

  • MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative fuels

    MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy lets engineering students create high-efficiency, sustainable power systems based on new-generation fossil and chemical fuels. Entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking play a key role in the program, which is actively supported by leading energy companies. Read more here.

  • MSc EMINE - European Master in Nuclear Energy

    MSc EMINE teaches tomorrow’s engineers how to address key technical, social and political challenges faced by the nuclear industry. By combining the commitment of major industrial partners with outstanding technical training, this innovative program broadens the scope of traditional nuclear education. Read more here.

  • MSc SELECT - Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems

    MSc SELECT is where sustainable energy enthusiasts learn how they can make a real contribution to minimizing environmental impact. In close collaboration with industry, it maps out the route from renewable energy sources to future energy systems, fostering thinking on global responsibility along the way. Read more here.

  • MSc SENSE - Smart Electrical Networks and Systems

    MSc SENSE develops the engineering, innovation and entrepreneurial skills needed to create and implement smart grids. It examines both technical and business perspectives, thus promoting new product and service development and stimulating the evolution of this electrical power system of the future, smart grids. Read more here.

  • MSc RENE - Renewable Energy

    MSc RENE is a cutting-edge program offering a holistic view of renewable energy. With a unique focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, it trains future game-changers to design and implement new services and products for energy providers, manufacturers, business start-ups and public organizations. Read more here.

  • MSc ENTECH - Energy Technologies

    MSc ENTECH offers students seeking to create the energy technologies of the future a broad-based education in a variety of key engineering disciplines. This flexibility, together with classes dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, forms a solid platform for meeting tomorrow’s energy challenges. Read more here.

  • MSc Energy for Smart Cities

    MSc Energy for Smart Cities attracts internationally-oriented engineering students with a strong desire to create secure, sustainable environments for end-users of the electrical value chain: citizens, companies and cities. Its graduates are well qualified for industrial, research or policy-making roles. Read more here.

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Department/Office: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Other headquarters:

Eindhoven, Barcelona, Grenoble, Karlsruhe, Krakow

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Belgium , France , Germany , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Spain , Sweden

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Electrics , Electronics , Energy , Networking , Research & Development , Universities, schools and education , University/Technical , Wind Power Technology

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InnoEnergy is a Pan-European company working at every stage of the innovation journey within the field of sustainable energy - from the classroom to the customers. Together with our partners we facilitate innovation projects that have produced 90 products and services used by industry and filed 77 patents, we have supported over 186 early star-ups and created 70 new companies. We have 500 graduates from our Master’s Programmes, 200 PhD candidates and 8 professional online courses.

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Take your first step towards engineering the future at the InnoEnergy Master’s School. Our MSc programmes enhance your engineering and technical knowledge, and develop the business, innovation and entrepreneurial skills you need to meet the demands of the world’s sustainable energy industries. Create a life-long network of like-minded partners, connect with international colleagues, peers and professionals, and discover how to launch your career in sustainable energy engineering here.

Additional information

Number of Technical Universities: 14 Number of Business Schools: 3 Number of MSc Programs: 7 ECTS: 120 Duration of study: 2 years, full time Mobility options: Study at two different universities Application procedure: 13 November 2017 – 22 April 2018