XX International Board (2007-2008)

Omer Hantal, President

Omer is already a mechanical engineer and currently a master student of Engineering Management programme in Istanbul Technical University, packing for leaving to make his thesis in Florence, Italy with an Erasmus experience. He likes to go to the seaside and walk there for hours. He adores reading, eating, trying new tastes,watching TV series and hanging out with friends. Moreover, he is eager to enhance his knowledge day by day while sharing with others, so be ready for him to visit you :)

Email: [email protected]

Peter Verwilst, Secretary

Peter just graduated in Civil Engineering at Ghent University and he is now doing an extra year trying to learn the very basics in corporate economics. Born in the notorious year 1984, he spends the 23rd year of his life for BEST. First growing up in a small rural town 35km from Ghent he's now discovering the wide world whilst having fun, working and enjoying life.

He is a down to earth guy who likes working with archives and deadlines so that is why he is the Secretary of the Board. Being in the Board he hopes to change things for the BEST and to have a great year together with the other Boardies and BESTies.

Email: [email protected]

Seger Decombel, Treasurer

Born in 1987 in the very west of Belgium, Seger was 20 when he joined the XX Board. Studying a master in Mechanical Engineering at the Ghent University, he combined his studies with several extracurricular activities, and that's where he met BEST. Seger is a jolly good guy who enjoys a casual chat as well as a deep emotional conversation. His humor, creativity and intelligence can bring you to new and clarifying insights. Driven by the BEST spirit, Seger is eager to travel, meet new friends and discover other cultures, what makes him determined to make his board year the BEST year ever.

Email: [email protected]

Adriana Garboan, Vice President for External Services

Adi believes in excellence, perfection and originality. She is always keen on reaching above her limits and whatever she does, she involves her whole being, her passionate and inquiry attitude. Adi is the kind of person that likes asking you the right questions and make you discover things by yourself. She likes bringing fresh views on problems and believes that human beings should stop seeking and find more what is there is the path. When she was little her ambition was to create something that would bring joy to the human kind... the only things she managed so far were a couple of strange poems, but BEST is a new challenge for that ;) Good friends say about her: she's Mrs. Brightside, she's always smiling, she has an ironic approach to life happenings and she is always sooo idealistic.

Email: [email protected]

Cristina Dumitru, Vice President for Internal Support

One cold December day, around Christmas, Cristina was born in a small city set at the foothills of the Southern Carpathians. Ever since then she has been in a merry mood, loving presents, Christmas trees and holidays. She cares a lot for her friends and enjoys throwing parties and cook for them. Her energy and positive attitude come from her favourite drink, coffee, so you will never find her standing still. One of her passions is "the new" so every week she tries out something she never did before and this always gets her into trouble :)

While trying really hard to become an engineer she joined BEST and discovered her true calling towards training and she is a trainer of BEST for 3 years.

Email: [email protected]

Giulio D'Aversa, Vice President for Local Group Support

Giulio is a guy that doesn't know what to write here so he will quote a friend that time ago said this about him:

"Giulio, also known as LBGiulio is a big guy. Both regarding his figure and his work. He is the man who made Local BEST Group Rome to rise from the ashes. He's the guy who gave a clear meaning to the word Regional Advisor. He is the guy who can work for days in a row, party for nights in a row, and ask for more.

He's quite attached to his home, but that doesn't keep him from going around in Europe and spreading his joy and wisdom. The first thing he does once he reaches his destination is to make a skype call to Mamma. And, if you give him the opportunity, he will cook the best pasta you've ever eaten.

He's funny, he's stubborn, his middle name is Imbuto, he has great knowledge of BEST and a great wish to improve.

In one word, a guy worth spending an hour with, with a beer in your hand, just talking about whatever. Who knows what you might discover?".

Email: [email protected]