XVIII International Board (2005-2006)

Nadina Busuioc, President

Bucharest, 22 years old, plays piano

Nadina is a student in "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, where she studies computer science. However she grew up far away from the pulsing capital of Romania, near the black sea, where she lived with her parents Romeo and Daniela.

Nadina loves romantic movies, especially Nothing Hill (which also happens to be one of the secretary's favourite movies), that she actually quoted in her speech when running for president of BEST. If you ask Nadina, becoming president of BEST is the most important achievement in Nadina's life (so far). In Nadina's opinion the BEST thing about BEST is the cultural diversity that you meet when travelling around all over Europe.

If Nadina should describe herself she would use the following five words: optimistic, creative, hard-working, witty and ambitious.

Nadina's is, like the rest of the XVIII board of BEST, a great fan of Jazz and her favourite jazz singer is Ella Fitzgerald.

Nadina is without a doubt the linguist of the Board of BEST, being able to communicate in more than 6 different languages.

Jihad R'Baiti, Treasurer

Paris ENSTA, 23 years old, loves chocolate

Jihad R'Baiti... just call her Jiji or p'tite Jiji! Besides her studies in computer sciences at Paris ENSTA, she enjoys every single moment of a very busy BEST life! No time to think about what she will do in the next five years, her focus is on what she is about to do in the following minutes! Some BEST work? some BEST trips? some BEST parties? Indeed that's often what she does and what she likes to do but besides this, between two hops in the water, she likes to listen to any kind of music, to read big thick books or simply to "halara" with friends or family. Even if she is French, her behaviour does not hide her Moroccan origins with her heart, as hot as the sand of Casablanca and her busy life full of happiness that reminds the central market of Marrakech!

Jiji is definitely the sparkling and spicy member of this BEST board!

Susan Langer Christensen, Secretary

Copenhagen, 23 years old, loves pink

Who is Susan? I'm sure you're wondering... I'll tell you a piece of her story, at least a first sight.

Susan is now that blond girl of the Board, always wearing in pink, she is the secretary, very serious and straight to the point.

But try to guess how she was years ago... Susan used to be a crazy girl, out of boundaries. Ask her what were her worst experiences... she will not remember. She even used to be fond of blue!

Then, life got her to grow responsible fast, to make sacrifices and to count on herself. She managed to find in pink (the color) and in her sister the support she needed to move on and move up...

Till she met her boyfriend... and a bit later BEST. Then she reached some balance in her lifestyle: peace and tempest, rest and hard work, fun and seriousness. She can now enjoy all these pleasures of existence.

Now she's looking ahead: to a great year in the Board of BEST with the people she's meeting around Europe, being a manager later, and a life full of surprises... who knows what more?! Maybe even a peaceful world in her biggest dreams.

For sure she'll work hard this year and enjoy it in the Jazz fashion.

Elina Seppanen, Vice President for External Services

Tampere, 24-years-old, loves latin dances

Elina is a student of Environmental Engineering. She spent the last half a year in Graz as Erasmus student. She is on her 5th year of studies, looking for the right place for her, so far she found the best one: BEST!

She loves dancing, especially latin dances. Her type of music includes latin, R&B & jazz. When she is not dancing or enjoying music, she likes to share with friends her passion for wine.

Elina likes good books including authors like Jack London or Philip K. Dick. When she is not travelling around Europe and enjoying BEST life, she likes to stay home, go out into the nature or spend a relaxing evening with friends.

She describes herself as straightforward, calm, nice, smiling and analytical.

Michał Wojtera, Vice President for Internal Support

Lodz, 24 years old, sails

Michal is a student at the Technical University in Lodz who works hard these days on his final Computer Science thesis. He loves sailing and jazz, he would never pass on a good challenge, his friends turn to him for good and patient advice. If he could choose, he'd live in Australia or the Caribbean, enjoying good food and the company of his friends. He likes oranges and melons and his favourite movie is Boondock Saints.

If you ask Michal for 5 things that describe him best, the answer is: humorous & optimistic, hard working, inspiring, organised, good English. If he could improve something, those things would be his wallet and his fitness.

Xavier Ronde-Oustau, Vice President for Local Group Support

Paris, Stockolm, Helsinki, 24 years old, loves travelling

Xavier was born in Paris, France. Nowadays he is a student of telecommunication and literally international. After some years spent in Finland and Sweden he now speaks both languages among many others. Being a quite experienced member of BEST, Xavier has a passion for traveling and, as a result, has a nickname of his own in most of the European languages.

The Frenchman of the board claims not to have much free time, but is known to enjoy the Finnish sauna and international music. His also is a gourmet with his favorite book being the Guide Rouge Michelin. When he was young, little Xavier wanted to become an engineer, a cook or even budgetary minister!. Now his future plans include an international job, more traveling and, of course, technology.